The artistic practice of Lilith & Company is at the frontier of multiple artforms. Provoking intersections and mysterious encounters at the borders ofchoreography, visual art & cinematography, the work revels in creatingdouble images that are part live and part projection. The duality betweenthe body and visual interfaces inspires for the work.
Among multiple artistic practices, Aurelie Pedron favors closed circuitvideo for its ability to create an in-between space, merging virtual and liveimagery. This tool creates a disassociation between dual images from thesame source. In the gaps between these parallel live and projected forms,the spectators' imagination is engaged, evoking the visual landscape of themind - the stuff of memory, dreams and the unconscious.
Lilith & Company creates intimate experiences for the public, by constructing performance installations for one spectator at a time. Valuing quality over quantity, this rapport helps creates an empathetic relationship between performer and viewer.